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When Douniah's warm voice comes out of the speakers, it immediately becomes comfortably soulful.

The unagitated singer with german-Moroccan roots was born at the end of the nineties and grew up in Hamburg. She found her passion for music at an early age, played the guitar and wrote her first lyrics at the age of 15. Even then, she finds herself mainly in soul, drawing her inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu or Bon Iver.

During a stay abroad in the USA, Douniah, who only attaches an h to her first name for her stage name, comes into contact with hip hop for the first time and exchanges her guitar for beats over time.

They come from Farhot, who, among other things, laid hands on the drum pads for arrest warrant and Talib Kweli, or Cap Kendricks, who previously worked with Edgar Wasser, Fatoni and Sickless. No wonder, then, that Douniah finds her label home at the Cologne label Melting Pot.

Her musical fate takes its course when she visits the set of High John at the St. Pauli Kreativ Festival, which some capital city heads probably know from the Raw Suppliers Camp. Packed by the vibe of his warm, sample-heavy beats, she grabs the mic and jams off.

Both are enthusiastic about each other's talent and are now working on a joint project. The fruits of this work are given the name "Dream Baby" and will be released in November 2019 via MPM.

The lyrics, which Douniah gently sends over High John's beats, provide material for reflection on the everyday life of a young "woman of color", as Douniah herself says. It should not be the last collaboration of the duo.





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