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Delfonic has been part of the German music scene for over 20 years. A tireless digger, he is a jack-of-all-trades who has dabbled in almost every area of the music industry.

When he was still filling up the bins at OYE until end of 2019, the record store he founded in 2002, Markus builds a musical culture and identity. He listens to disco classics over and over until he knows every detail of each arrangement. In addition to the essentials, his musical culture extends to the borders of deep-house, R'n'B, soul and unknown nuggets, even for Shazam.

In parallel to his activities as a record dealer, he founded the infamous Money $ex Records, with Max Graef and Glenn Astro. He also started OYE Edits, on his own. Above all, he invested himself in the Berlin music scene. He launches residencies there, the most recent being at the Aeden during the summer of 2021. There, he reconnects with his love for jazz and the new international scene. This is the story of Delfonic's life, building bridges between generations. In the same spirit, he is working on “SoulHeide”, a residency featuring, again, live acts. It takes place at the legendary Heideglühen in Berlin. He also takes part in the “Italomania” parties organized by the Toy Tonics crew.

From 2017, he combines his musical knowledge with an innate sense of groove to launch his career as a producer. His thing is edits & reworks. He dusts off and revitalizes the tracks that made the dancefloors vibrate a few years ago, with club drums and modern arrangements. His career as a producer did not take long to take off. With his friend Kapote, the boss of Toy Tonics, they launch the “Illegal Jazz” series, which copies are sold out even before release. He also released a series of edits on the legendary German label.

He is quickly spotted by the Colombian Nomada Records and is exported internationally. His tracks are played all over the world, which allows him to start touring as a DJ all over Europe, in major clubs. For Delfonic, boogie will never die, and he intends to prove it!

Since end of 2019 Delfonic is working part time as A&R / Labelmanager for WordandSound to give young and established Labels are good platfromt to spread their music and vibe.




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