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In fact, the native of Düsseldorf stands in the tradition of the golden 1990s. At home, he pulls the works of Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Diamond D out of his older brother's record cabinet. Inspired by Jaylib and Madlib's alter ego Quasimoto, he later began programming beats himself.

The first instrumentals see the light of a wider public than – after the sad death of J Dilla in 2006 – every beat maker who does not put the sample and drums exactly on the beat, as Dilla clone buzzes through the blogosphere.

Suff Daddy took his first artistic steps a few years earlier. "I've been doing this since 1999, but until 2006 I thought my own stuff sucked," he recalls in an interview with Berlin Music TV. A friend who produces techno beats introduces him to Sony Acid at the time. From the program, which is particularly popular in electro circles, Suff elicits pure hip hop beats that seek their origin in soul, jazz and funk. However, the pieces rarely find a rapper. Suff Daddy focuses primarily on instrumentals - also because, as he says, he is simply too lazy to care about vocalists.

Through MySpace, the contact to the "musical home" Melting Pot Music is later established  . Thanks to the Cologne-based label, Suff's excesses are increasingly meeting grateful customers. Mar, Fleur Earth, Miles Bonny and previously Kissey Asplund work together with the producer, remixes by Morlockk Dilemma, Audio 88 & Yassin as well as by foreign artists such as Guilty Simpson or Tha Alkaholiks are also part of the Rhinelander's repertoire.

With the enthusiasm for the latter, the choice of the name Suff Daddy is not insignificantly related. Out of a beer mood, the pseudonym arises, which could only be a reference to Puff Daddy at first glance. Rather, "Suff" pronounces itself in the German version and refers to the lifestyle of the Berliner-by-choice. Fittingly, Suff Daddy titled his first album "The Gin Diaries". He has already thrilled the scene with the 12-inch "EFIL4FFUS" and his part of the "Hi-Hat Club", a record and party series that Melting Pot Music has launched.

Much more than the respect of the scene does not jump out for the time being, commercial successes are largely absent. "It should just go on," the producer sums up his wishes for the future in 2010, "it should eventually go so far that I can live from it, which is relatively dreamy. But I still don't lose the dream for the time being."

And neither does the fun of producing and making beats: In May 2012, Suff Daddy released "Suff Sells", an official double album with 29 beats, on which the priorities shift noticeably from samples to synths, but the boombap trademarks continue to form the foundation.

The third longplayer also means a temporary farewell for the old-school fan - not from producing, but from the new German beat scene, which he has so significantly influenced. In autumn, Suff turns his back on his home country and emigrates to Australia with his girlfriend.

Fortunately, the resettlement does not prevent him from making music. Already in advance, he announces at Mixery Raw Deluxe that he will also equip himself With equipment Down Under and continue his Series of Events Beat Geeks, which started in Berlin-Kreuzberg, elsewhere. Suff Daddy can still count himself among the crème de la crème of the German instrumental hip hoppers despite a good 16,000 kilometers as the crow flies between Berlin and Sidney.


Suff Daddy


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